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Thread: Cablevision vs Econet vs Cardsharing servers

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    Cablevision vs Econet vs Cardsharing servers


    Here's the deal; I currently have dishes on Nilesat, Badr 7, Hotbird, and a local cablevision transmission station (for local channels). All hooked up to my receiver via DiSeqc. The cable guy told me that he can sell me a cccam subscription to open up most channels on Hotbird, so I said why not; there are some great channels on that satellite. Paid for cccam and started watching in HD, life was awesome.
    2 weeks later, all channels are encrypted. I contact him about the issue and he starts BSing me with made up lies, but he solved it after 2 days. Another 2 weeks, same problem, took 5 days of nagging and bugging him to get the channels back.
    I just moved to KSA for work, and yesterday my mom calls me and says that the channels have been gone for several days now. So it seems that every 2 weeks, we have to have an argument with this shmuck. Problem is, I'm not home, and I'm getting real tired of this 2 week crap, and so are my parents.
    So now, I'm studying my options which are:
    1- Find a more reliable cccam (or any card sharing server).
    2- Go legal and subscribe with cablevision or econet.
    If I go with 1, does anyone know of a no-hassle-no-BS server, just plug in the settings and watch?
    Or if I go with 2, do I go with cablevision or econet? I checked both of their websites. I hear about cablevision a lot, but econet offers several TVs in one subscription + they offer Comedy Central (incredible channel btw, it's a must!).
    Cablevision/Econet subscribers, can you please share your experience with your provider? Channels available, signal quality especially in winter, customer service... anything to help me make up my mind?

    Any help will be apprecited.
    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

    Digital content production agency

    Thank you

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